About Us

The idea for Taste Italy came to founder Matthew De Bellis as he woke from a nap in July 2017, and he launched his first product offering in October of that year from his living room. 

Since then he’s developed a passionate team that comes together to work on all aspects of the company, such as content creation, social media, graphic design, and menu sourcing.

Italian food, culture, and language come together to create a uniquely exquisite experience, and that’s what we’re focused on providing our community. The idea of what makes someone Italian, American, Italian-American, or American-Italian is different for everyone. 

Matthew grew up in an Italian-American family in California, with roots in New Jersey, whose roots are in Italy. He’s lived in Italy for 6 years of his life. He learned Italian on his own, studied it just like an Italian in Italy would (an Italian grammar book builds character and muscle). 

Some folks in the U.S. think Matthew’s a foreigner, some in Italy think he’s Italian (He’s fluent, and his middle name is Alessandro). 

It’s all mixed up – and that’s what makes life so fun.

But despite all our individual journeys, Italian food brings us all together. At the table.

Remember: We’re not competing with your favorite sauce or gravy or Italian restaurant – we’re complementing it. All products in our packages are from Italy and are of superb quality and taste. The one exception is the artisanal salamis we select, which are simply excellent and U.S. made.

Every month we deliver an Italian experience that you will begin to make your own the moment you open each box.